Snail Mail Collective

01 August 2013|

Snail mail.
Good old post. 
Pen pals.

Do these words excite you as much as they excite me??
Do you love receiving parcels and envelopes addressed to you?
Oh me too!
I love it – I love the element of surprise, the love and care put into sending a personal package and the excitement of knowing it’s just for me!!

If you love it all too, then you need to sign up for the August Snail Mail Collective – hosted by Chelsea and Melyssa.

Information from Chelsea’s post:

Rules & Information

In order to participate in the Snail Mail Collective this August, please fill out this form. Filling out the form means you  commit to actively participating and following the rules below. 

1. You will be paired with one new person. We will do our best to make sure this person is from a different country, or at the very least, a different area of your country. We will strive for you to make international friends, but it’s also nice to get to know the different parts of our own homeland.

2. Each month’s gifts will have a theme. The theme for August is “Under the Sea.” Get creative! Try to relate it back to your culture, if you can. 

3. Each month, we will be taking sign-ups until 22:00PST on the 7th day of the month. After that, the pairings will be posted on our blogs on the 9th or 10th of the month. Please check Lost in Travels or The Nectar Collective to find out who you’re paired with.

4. You will have 72 hours to contact your partner (both partners must communicate together). If your partner does not respond within 72 hours, please e-mail Melyssa or Chelsea.

5. You will have about two weeks to get to know your partner. After that time, your gifts must be sent by the 22nd of the month.

6. Gifts: Your present(s) should not total more than $5. We want this project to be affordable for you, so think small, but meaningful. Also, all packages must include a postcard (preferable) or a letter to your partner. Motivate them, tell them all the beautiful things you learned about them this month, and make them feel special! We could all use a little encouragement, especially from our new friends.

7. Once you receive your gifts, we highly encourage you to write a blog post about your experience. Share what you gave, received, and learned through participating in the Snail Mail Collective and meeting your new buddy.

8. On the 1st of each month, we will hold a link-up on our blogs (The Nectar Collective & Lost in Travels) where you can share and link-up your SMC blog posts. This way, you can see how people around the world interpreted the theme, learn about other cultures, and meet even more new friends! 

Don’t delay, go sign up today!!

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