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20 August 2013|

As if you didn’t know enough about me, I now go and decide to share even more woth you…
But only because my sweet friend, Jenna from A Home Away From Home tagged me in one of her latest posts: Six Things.

So I am sharing the following Six Things with you…

1) Name the top three places on your travel bucket list.  Why do they make the list?
Paris, France. I haven’t travelled much of Europe and it has been a dream to see the sights, devour the food and enjoy the different cultures. And nothing like the romance of the Eiffel Tower and french champagne and macaroons.


Maldives. I love the sun, sand and sea – a teue beach island type of a girl. I could happily enjoy a holiday lying in a hammock in my own private villa set out in the ocean, sipping on cocktails and the sun on my skin. 


California. I have a thing for America. After our trip to New York (which will always be on my bucket list) and Florida, I have a taste for the American dream. Being on the coast, shopping up a storm and enjoying the sights and a bit of Disney too… 


2) If you had to choose to be blind or deaf, which one would it be and why?
I would choose to be deaf. I am a very visual person and I would much rather see than hear. We often wish we could drown out the sounds of cursing words, loud noises and painful sounds so I know I could live without the sound. On the down side though, this would affect my speech and I wouldn’t be able to hear the sweet coo’s of my newborn, my child’s first words and the love from my husband’s lips, not forgetting the safety sounds that could prevent me from harm like an alarm, person shouting out or a car hooter. But again, I would much rather see.
3) What does your idea of a perfect weekend look like?
My love, my child, family and friends.
Beach, chilled, entertainment.
Fun, love, laughter, special memories.

4) Pick one: Cruise through Antarctica or Cruise through the Caribbean?
DEFINITELY 100% cruise through the Caribbean. It is on my bucket list of travels to be on a cruise liner, visit the Caribbean and enjoy the beach and sunshine. I hate the cold and have no desire to visit glaciers in Antarctica.


5)  Which blogs are you loving right now?
So many but to name a few…
Stephanie – A Beautiful Mess
Nicole – Bloom
Megan – Across The Pond
Che – Indieberries
and the list goes on…

6) If someone is thinking about starting a blog, what advice would you give them?
Be yourself, have fun and just do it!
Once you have started, the ball and ideas will start to roll. Creativity is never constant but people, places and experiences will inspire you. Reach out and make friends.
The blogging community is amazing and true friendships can be made.

Thank you Jen for the interesting questions and for tagging me in this post, I had lots of fun thinking deep and keeping you all entertained.
Feel free to answer the above questions in the comments.


  1. Love this blog post…thanks for sharing 🙂 I see that there is a lot of bloggers doing this…It is really a great idea!!! It is really great to learn more about you 🙂 Keep up the great work!!! Much love xxx

  2. Thanks so much for answering Cals! Paris is definitely on my bucket list too… and if you ever come to California, I'll be happy to be your personal tour guide 🙂 I hope Vegas is also on the bucket list!


  3. Paris is amazing – and can you believe I never ate a single Macaroon? (Shame on me, I will have to go back!)

    I love getting to know everybody – what fun!

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