Happy Birthday to Me…

22 August 2013|

22 August 1985
This is the day I was born, the day I made my entrance into the big wide world and now a special day that I celebrate each and every year.
A day that I absolutely LOVE celebrating.

I am a true Leo.
I love things for me (not meant in a negative way).
I like leading and I like being the centre of attention.
And this is the perfect day, all about me!

Unfortunately, this year my husband is away on a business trip and will only be flying this evening. But I plan to spend the day with special friends and my little SJ in celebrations.

Happy birthday to me…


  1. Happy Birthday Hun!!!! I wish you luck, happiness and riches today, tomorrow and beyond.

    As you look back on yesterday, may your memories be warm ones. As you celebrate today, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. As you look ahead to tomorrow, may your deepest hopes and dreams come true for you!

    Thanks for an awesome blog, love reading it daily!!! Much love 🙂 Mwah xxx

  2. Ah yay! Happy Birthday lovely lady! I hope this is your best year yet and that your blog grows bigger and bigger and takes you higher and higher! Lots and lots of love x

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