Favourite Birthday – Nadia

26 August 2013|

Another sweet and special lady who shares my birthday month…

When is your birthday?
5 August

Favourite birthday celebration
I have so many as I have really been spoilt over the years. I have two great memories – one was in London. I had a picnic at a beautiful park and it was the warmest day of Summer. I also got to spend my actual birthday with my best friend, who gave me the most amazing gift. We went for tea and Bloody Marys at our favourite Notting Hill cafe. Truly special! 
Another favourite memory is my first birthday back in South Africa in 2008. It was so amazing to be with my family and new boyfriend Daniel, who is now my wonderful husband.

Favourite birthday gift
Once again I have received some wonderful and special things. This year I got the most beautiful Chanel lipstick from my dear friend Casey! In the past some of my favourites was the gift mentioned above as well as any gift from my husband. Gifts are wonderful, but I find that I am truly grateful for the time I get with my family and friends.

Such special memories and a very grateful and lucky birthday girl, thanks for sharing and happy birthday month too Nads!


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