1st birthday – Friends

01 August 2013|

Little SJ has been so blessed with sweet little friends, even at the sweet age of 1.
And she is so specially loved by all of our close friends too. As one of the first babies in our group of friends, she has been doted on and spoilt rotten by everyone.
It was so special to have them all join in her birthday fun too.

(All photography by Heather Fitchet)
Venter family 
Cousin Chants & Baby Blake 
Fourie family 
Special friends 
Our godson Jackson

McDonagh family

Webber family

My Rox

Special friends – Messages

Pretty Lisa 
Special Cands and little Georgia

Keightley family

The friends without babas

The girls

The boys

SJ’s “other mom”

SJ and Nicki

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