Week 4: My Biggest Weakness

08 July 2013|

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Week 4: My Biggest Weakness
An interesting topic that not too many people would like to comment on. No one likes admitting to their weaknesses but I guess it takes an honest person to know and realise their weaknesses. 
I have two main weaknesses that are serious bad traits and flaws in my personality. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I acknowledge them as weaknesses but I’m working on them.
People Pleasing
I have said it many times before. I am a people pleaser.
I like to help people and give to people, but often to my own detriment. I put others before myself, always.
This includes my husband, child, family, friends, job, and sometimes even complete strangers. 
I am not a fan of conflict or confrontation.
And I find it difficult to say no.
I am the person who doesn’t complain when their food order is wrong, who doesn’t return items that are damaged. I don’t shout and scream when things aren’t done, and I don’t correct people when they pronounce my name wrong.
I will give you the shirt off my back. I will bend over backwards to make sure you are taken care of. I will cook for you, drive you around, babysit for you and make plans for you. I will RSVP yes to an event even if I don’t feel like going, just to make you feel good. I will pay for you or let you borrow my things.
Which all seems positive and a good personality trait. But I do all these things for others and often forget about myself. 
I will make any sacrifices for you and I will keep doing so even when I am struggling or being taken for granted or not appreciated. 
I need to learn how to do and say all of the above, without it letting affect me and not hurt other peoples feelings. 

I was never a naughty or rebellious child or teenager.
I was hardly ever i trouble or needing to be disciplined.
I did things the right way and by the book.
This makes me disciplined.
But as I have matured, a struggle to find and keep the discipline in other areas of life. Simple things.
I am tempted, and I lack motivation.
I was never very good at saving money. Because I had nothing to save for. But I am working on that now. And 2 years ago, I saved for a whole 18 months for MC’s 30th birthday present, and I saved. Without fail.
I suck at dieting. I am one of those girls/people that just cannot diet. If I hear that word, I start bingeing and eating things that I never thought to eat. I am also a very fussy eater and most of the foods on a diet list are not my favorite. So I feel even worse trying to eat meal after meal, that I hate.
Exercise is another one. I am much better at this than dieting because I really enjoy exercising and working out. Except running. I don’t do that. Ever! But again, I have this daily struggle with my fitness – the first few moments of getting out of bed, getting the gym kit on and heading out the door, those are the hardest. But I am getting much better at this.


Discipline in all areas is a daily struggle for me.
But I try. And all I can do is try.
What is your biggest weakness?

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  1. OMG you nailed some of my biggest weaknesses! I'm with you on the people pleasing and dieting. I feel the need to eat everything and anything the day before l start as if I will never eat it again.

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