So What Wednesday

17 July 2013|

Linking up with the darling (and nearly popping) Shannon today:
So WHAT if:
  • I had 4 hours sleep last night
  • I can’t sleep she my husband is away
  • SJ woke up for the first time in months last night
  • I cuddled her until she fell asleep in my arms
  • I missed gym because I was so tired
  • I’ve only just learnt (or still learning) how to say no to social events
  • I shopped online for dresses, even though it’s still Winter
  • I spend far too much time decorating my life planner
  • Building completion dates are my worst nightmare
  • I haven’t organised our “drinks after work” for 2 months
  • My 20 Wishes list is looking a bit sad
  • I STILL haven’t started running!! 
What are your so whats today?


  1. I keep forgetting about this link up.
    So what if I left work early to go to gym and then didn't gym because the power was off.
    Sounds like you need a little "me-time"

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