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09 July 2013|

Silver or Gold?!
Gold or Silver!?
In the process of building our house, comes the awesome opportunity to decorate and furnish our house too. I’m no interior decorator but I am a woman and therefore, I know what I want. I am normally quite good with making decisions and I don’t sit fussing over colours, textures or designs.
But I am stuck. With our Master Bedroom.
Please help?!
Which colour scheme do you prefer – silver or gold?


  1. I like soft calm colours so I personally prefer the silver for my bedroom. Plus I like the option of adding a splash of colour. In my head, grey/silver goes with more.

    That said, I do love the gold and it just has a bit more life to it.

    Not helping I know! Good luck and enjoy

  2. Oooooooo…. Cals I LOVE the gold… BUT I agree with Claudz about the grey/silver going with more colours and you can change it up easily with throw cushions etc… but flip that gold is nice!

  3. I really love mixing metallics, and I really think you could make it work using pieces of both. Then you can add soft muted pastels for a little more pop (like a pale pink or even a mint green). These are all so beautiful though, I'm sure they will look gorgeous no matter what you choose!

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