Have I Ever?!

23 July 2013|

One of my fellow local bloggers, Megan joined in the fun with the post doing it’s rounds called Have I/You Ever?! 
So just a little bit of fun for you to learn more about me…

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Have you ever…

1. Been pulled over?
Yes once. It was the middle of a week day and there was a random license check in one of our local neighborhoods. I won’t lie – I was sweating and convinced myself that I was a) without license, b) had outstanding traffic fines and c) drunk. All of which I was not.

2. Plucked your eyebrows?
Nope, I hate that feeling. A friend or two have done it for me but I leave it up to my highly trained therapist who waxes them.

3. Pulled an all-nighter?
So many times, and I love it. I am known for being the last to leave a club and my poor husband dragging me out (often kicking and screaming like a child!).

4. Baked a cake?
Lots. And y latest project of SJ’s birthday cake being my proudest baking project.

5. Fallen down in public?
I don’t think so. I was just thinking the other day how I seem to have quick reflexes – every time, I have had a slight wobble, I seem to catch myself before hitting the deck!

6. Been caught making out?
Always. MC and I have no problem with PDA but not in the awkward, uncomfortable kind of way.

7. Taken a pregnancy test?
Yes, a few scares and one very exciting positive test that brought us the miracle of our little SJ.

8. Broken a bone?
Three. My elbow, running into a wall at the end of a long jump pit. Both my ankles during hockey.

9. Had braces?
Yes, and they fixed my teeth. 1,5 years of torture for a lifetime of straight teeth. Definitely worth it!

10. Gone skinny dipping?
Nope, not sure why not though… 

11. Made a prank call?
Nope, just a few nervous dials that I have chickened out and put the phone down. High school boy crushes.

12. Screamed during a scary movie?
Always! I am a serious baby and hate scary movies. Nothing worse than something, unexpectedly jumping out at you!

13. Gone out without underwear?
Once or twice – only because the dress didn’t allow for seams. Nobody knew though.

14. Been arrested?

15. Opened Christmas presents early?
Nope – but I have felt around to guess the present.

16. Been in the hospital.
Too many times – croup as a baby, tonsils out, appendix out, cysts removed, broken bones, head cut open, meningitis, cosmetic surgery, C-section and an allergic reaction.

17. Had food come out of your nose?
Nope, but possibly liquid when laughing too hard…

18. Toilet papered someone’s house?
Nope, but I have egged someone’s house. Haha, way worse than toilet paper.

19. Laughed so hard you cried?
All the time!! I have a humorous husband, funny child and hilarious friends.

20. Burned yourself with a curling iron?
No because I don’t curl my hair but plenty times on a straightening iron.

21. Been hit on by someone too old?
A few times – in random bars and doing promotions at golf days. So horribly creepy and wrong on all levels.

22. Eaten food that fell on the floor?
Of course – 2 second rule applies.

23. Given a hickey?
I love MC’s neck so yes, but not in a disgusting raunchy way.

24. Shared a sucker with your dog?
Dogs shouldn’t be eating suckers but no, I wouldn’t share with them anyway.

25. Been in an accident?
Three. But only one was my fault. My first was in 2005 when a male driver turned illegally into me as I was casually driving down the road, minding my own business. The second was in 2007 when a cyclist went through a stop into the side of my car – scary but no one was hurt. And the third was in 2010 when I did an illegal u-turn and hit the side of a car. Lucky that nobody was ever hurt.

26. Spied on your neighbours?
My neighbors have never been worth spying on, but maybe if they were…

27. Lied about your age?
Only when I wasn’t 18 yet (our legal drink and clubbing age). I was only ever asked for ID once or twice and always let off when I “forgot” it at home.

28. Fired a gun?
Never, and never will. I hate public use of guns.

29. Been drunk?
Um, seriously? Yes, I have. And I cannot tell you how many times.
But I am a good drunk, not a messy drunk.

30. Gotten a tattoo?
Nope, and I don’t think I ever will, It’s all a bit too permanent for me.

So have you ever…?!


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