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05 July 2013|

The first in the hometown series is a local South African blogger,
Megan from The Sun House
Name your hometown?
Where is your hometown?
Johannesburg is Northern inland of South Africa.

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What does your house look like?

I live in a quaint three bedroom yellow-painted house on Sun street, thus my blog is called The Sun House. In my house you will find mostly neutral colours, with splashes of blue and dark brown, with the exception of a pink bathroom {which is on my makeover list!}. You will also find Mila, my Staffie and Jethro, my Jack Russell and of course Flip, my fiance. I love my mostly green garden and wish I had more time to tend to it.

Where do I work?

I work inside Bedford Centre, a mall. Our offices is located inside the mall. I am a Features Editor.

The tall building on the right is my office
What are your favourite hometown hobbies and activities?
  • I love the tree lined streets. It looks a bit dull because of Winter, but in the Summer I could just walk up and down these streets all day. My fiancee likes to call me a bit of a tree hugger, because every time we drive down a street that is full of trees, I just want to move there. Wouldn’t you?
Beautiful trees lining the streets
  • Then there are the parks. Yes, I am probably a tree hugger, freak of nature, lover of all things green. However, Johannesburg is a busy city and being a journalist means that I am busy in the city 98% of my week. Green spaces and places just help me relax, forget about the hustle and bustle, makes me breath again.
Picturesque parks in Winter
  • Two of my favourite hangouts are Tasha’s and the Keg & Crow.  The Keg hosts quiz nights and I am a fiend when it comes to quizzes.
Yummy food at Tasha’s

Quiz nights at Keg & Crow

As a fellow South African, I can agree with Megan – there is lots to do in Johannesburg – from restaurants to bars to clubs to shows – they live for social events. A hip and happening city.


  1. Thank you for featuring me Caley! You're right, we do live for the social scene, so I don't just go the Keg and parks, hahahaha!

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