Where have I been?!

12 June 2013|


Where have I been?
Did you miss me?
I sure missed you all.

What a hectic few weeks and days it has been.
A quick background for new readers and some that aren’t in the know… We are building a house that we can take occupation in from October this year. We decided to give ourselves plenty of time to sell our current house and we put in on the market in March.
And it sold in 2 days!!

We are very blessed to have sold and for our asking price, but it also left us homeless for a few months as they new owners asked to move in in July. July – October is 4 months without a home. Lucky for us, our special in-laws offered for us to stay with them so we made the decision to move in with them at the end of June.

Last Tuesday, 4 June – MC came home with a painter to paint our old house and made the decision that little SJ would have to move that day due to the paint fumes and we would follow on the weekend.
Huh, what?!?!

Packing up and moving house with 3 days notice!
So not cool.
But it had to be done.

And it has been done…
This past week has been spent sorting and packing up in the old house, putting boxes and boxes away in storage for our new house and moving and unpacking into the in-laws flat.

I am so glad it is over.

So that is where I have been…
But we are in and settled, feeling so very blessed (and a tad exhausted!)
And I am back to blogging.


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