Week 2: 10 Things I Live for

24 June 2013|

Yay! Yay! It’s Monday. (said no one, ever)

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Week 2: 10 Things I Live for
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Jesus Christ and my Christianity:
I am a relatively new follower of Christ. I have always believed in Him and considered myself a Christian, but I was never an active follower. I didn’t attend a church or pray often or enough – I wasn’t brought up with Him as the core of our lives and family. After getting married, MC and changed our lives and became better followers – we joined a local church, a local small group and we pray. Jesus is our Father, the core of our lives as individuals and in our family. He is always in my heart, and I live for him everyday.

My Family:
I wake up each morning and my first thoughts are about these two special people. I have been blessed with an incredible husband and an amazing child. I live each and every day for them both. Every action I take and every word I speak is putting them first – understanding and giving to their needs. They are my everything, and I live for them.

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The Sunshine:
Let’s be honest, there is nothing that can put a smile on your dial or lift your mood as the sun can. The sight of this beautiful ball of fire and the feeling of it’s warm heat on my skin keeps me going, it keeps me alive. The sun is one of the reasons I will probably never leave my hometown – we have warm Winters and sunny days all year round. It is bliss. 

Another free gift in our lives that has a domino effect. Who can resist smiling when you see a smile. Our own smiles make us feel good and are a good indication of the happy mood we are in. And a smile from someone else means so much and makes our hearts warm and full. The innocent smile of a child as they know no bad and negativity in the world, and the sexy smile of a partner that only you know and can define. Smile at strangers, and make their day.

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I live for the special ladies (and some gents) that I call my friends. The different personalities that I share a unique relationship and bond with. They make me laugh (and sometimes cry), they party with me and chill with me, they are by my side for the good times and the bad, they make memories with me and take photographs with me. I live for the moments we spend together. 

I am that annoying person who is constantly clicking away at her camera or phone, asking you to smile and pose or catching you unaware. I love photos and I love taking photos, and being in photos. But my best, is looking back on old photos and remembering those sweet memories. Life flies by so quickly and we can all try and enjoy every moment but we often miss moments or easily forget moments as things get hectic. Photographs remind us of these special times and capture innocent moments. i live for these extended memories and there will always be photographs in my house (and mind).

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My iPhone: 
Call me materialistic if you dare, but then put your cellular device away for 48 hours and see if you survive. In this day and age, I guess we all live for our phones and forms of communication. What did we do before them? I live for my alarm in the morning, messages from friends and family, photos from afar, emails keeping in touch, a source of contact in an emergency, Google maps when I get lost, daily scripture reminders, music on demand and our dear social media keeping me in touch with the world.

My Car:
This beautiful structure on four wheels gets me from A to B. But I have a love for cars, luxurious and very expensive cars. My car is my baby. I love her and look after her like a child. I am proud of her. And I spend a lot of time in her. After spending a year in London and battling the horrid public transport twice a day – a commute that involved queues and cold weather, rude and stinky people and a 90 minute trip there in the mornings and another 90 minutes in the evenings, almost always without a seat! I have never taken my beloved vehicle for granted again. She is gorgeous, reliable, fast, sleek and she keeps me safe too.

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My Beauty Treatments:
I am a girly girl. A girl that loves to be pampered and will make a plan to have a beauty treatments at any cost. I have my finger nails, toes, and hair done every month. And I often spoil myself with facials, massages and additional treatments. I honestly believe that if my hair is coloured and styled and my nails are neat – I feel like a million bucks! A brand new woman. I live for these treatments – my time out to relax and feel good.

Yes, I said it. Judge me as much as you want. We all know that everyone has some form of food or drink addiction – and Coca-Cola (not to be mistaken for Coke!) is my weakness. I absolutely love the refreshing feel of this sugary liquid running down my throat. It is perfect on a hot Summers day and my hangover cure too! I just love it, and I struggle living without it!

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  1. Such a lovely post!
    I am dying to get an iPhone. It hasn't been possible but hopefully in August I can make it happen
    Your car is super sexy!
    And nothing wrong with some beauty treatments. If I could afford them, I would definitely be going more often

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