Week 1: Who I am

17 June 2013|

So, here it goes… my very first 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose post. Remember to link up with Becky.
Week 1: Who I am

This is always an interesting question, because we are so many different people, all at once. 
The easy one-word answers are:
Child of Christ

I am so many different people, in this one little soul of mine.
But as each of those roles play out… 
I am ME. I am CALEY. I am a GIVER.

Child of Christ: I am a believer. I have faith. And I am a blessed and loved child of Christ. I give my heart to the Lord each day. I drift off his path and I waiver in my faith as I allow the craziness of life get ahead of me. But He is always there with me.

Female: I am a very proud woman of this world. I am proud to be the sex that I am. I love everything about being a woman – bearing children, dressing up, natural curves and all the roller coaster emotions too. I give all that I can to 

Wife: I am a Mrs. I am his other half. And I strive each day to be a better wife. To submit (oh freak out, everyone hates that word!!). I do all that I can for him. I even irritate and frustrate him. He is my everything. My rock, my pillar and the man of my dreams. I love and enjoy every second of my life with him.

Mother: I was born to be all these people, but I had a calling from a very young age that this is what I was born to do, and I savour every minute of this life long dream of mine to become a mom. Our sweet baby girl is the light of our lives – she is happy and content and she has been an angel baby who has eased us into parenthood so easily. I cherish her smiles and giggles, her milestones and character, and I hate that time passes by too quickly. I look forward to giving her sweet siblings one day.

Family member: I am a daughter to a mom, dad and step-dad as well as my in-laws. I am a sister to my half-sister, sisters-in-law and brother-in-law, cousin to 6 cousins and a granddaughter to my dearest grandparents, both here and passed on. I cherish the family I have been blessed and my second family that I have been welcomed in to. I share a relationship with each and every one of these family members and I miss the sweet grandparents I have lost. You cannot chose your family, no matter the consequences but you make the decision to stick with them through thick and thin.

Friend: I love being a friend, mainly because I have the most wonderful friends to share this relationship with. I have girl friends and a few guy friends. I have close friends and I have even closer friends. I enjoy meals, and holidays, and play dates and book clubs with my friends. I am the friend that calls and texts, I am the friend that tells the honest truth, I am the friend that laughs and cries with you, I am the friend that will party on the dance floor with you or babysit your child for you, I will make meals for you and take photos of our memories together. I will do anything for my friends.

Colleague/Teacher: I am currently a stay-at-home mom but I often locum teach for a local school. I love being a teacher, greeting and helping these children learn and grow each day. It is a job that entails hard work and patience and the rewards are priceless. A piece of me wishes that I could be in the classroom permanently, making a difference to the youth of our country but my heart lies with my family – and I know I am making a difference there too.

Housekeeper/Employer: I love my home (especially our new home!). Our family loves spending time at home, just the three of us, enjoying each others company in our own cosy space. I love hosting and inviting our friends into our home. I9 am proud of my home and I thrive on making it look pretty, clean and tidy and a space for you to make your own. I have the most wonderful lady who works in our home – she is one of our family now. She takes care of our home, us and the best nanny for our SJ.

Okay, I am officially tired of talking about myself but I guess now you know exactly who I am.


  1. First of all, the pictures you chose are stunnin. Gorgeous. Loved reading a little about you. I need to learn to be a better friend. thank you for linking up 🙂

  2. Hello from the linkup! I love how you are so family-oriented, not just with your husband and daughter but with extended family, too. I am learning to get closer to Christ as well, especially since I want to teach the faith to our son.

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