So What Wednesday

26 June 2013|

It’s Wednesday which means it is SO WHAT day:

  • I haven’t linked up in ages. Again.
  • I suck at scheduling posts. Again.
  • We another wedding this weekend. Again.
  • This means I will be drinking. Again.
  • I am saying the world again. A lot.
  • I totally prefer Bloglovin to Google Reader.
  • I am hating my husband travelling so much.
  • I am wishing my life away to November so we can be in our house already.
  • I am not sad to say goodbye to our old house.
  • We have been living on the promenade for a month now and I still haven’t been for a run.
  • I suck at dieting.
  • I am hating not having a 24 hour domestic worker.
  • I am actually missing kettle bell training.

What are you saying SO WHAT to today?
Link up with Shannon.

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