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27 June 2013|

Oh how I love the world of blogging.
Another wonderful week of touching, inspiring and sweet blog posts from a few of my favourite gals – they are the fruit loops in my cheerios.
 You can thank me later…

1. All girls are beautiful in their own unique way. Sweet Amber tells how us how she has dealt with the standard female issue of weight.

2. Jamie from Southern Simplicity became Mrs Leakey this weekend, and the angelic Nicole captured such special moments and memories in her video of their big day.

3. Nadia is showing off the awesome professional photos from our Durban Etsy Craft Party. Look closely and you will see me crafting away (blonde hair, black top and watch on display).

4. Yummy chicken curry soup recipe by Roxy for the July Recipe a Week Challenge – great start! 

5. I am proud of myself and super grateful for Katie and her secret quick and easy but also tough and successful work outs. I’ve promised to do one a day, each morning.

Go on and pay them a visit.


  1. Girl, I'm so behind. Seriously, how does my sweet dad manage to keep me so occupied that I miss such sweetness as this?!?

    Love your heart girl. Love it. Adore it. Want some more of it!

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