Mothers Day Wish List

06 May 2013|

Sunday, 12 May 2013
Mothers Day in South Africa
Another day of celebrations for me…
I can’t believe this is already my SECOND Mothers Day.
I still can’t believe that I am a mom!
When I was little and growing up, whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be: my answer was always the same… 
I wanted to be a mom.
I was born to be a mom.
I cannot explain the warmth and fullness of my heart now that I am really a mom. And I have been blessed to make being a mom my full time job. Becoming a mom was scary and nerve-wracking (the fear of the unknown and change always is) but it is amazing how ready I was to welcome this little human into my life and heart, how motherly instinct kicks in the moment you hear that first cry and how there are so many amazing good times that far outweigh the trying and testing tough times.
In saying that, we have been blessed with a little angel child. Our SJ has been an easy baby and is now making the transition into becoming a toddler so easy too. We haven’t had hours of screaming or endless sleepless nights, we haven’t had raging temperatures or scary trips to the doctor, we haven’t had difficult eating or teething tantrums. 
We have been very blessed with smiles and giggles and from the belly laughs.
(I know this cannot happen twice with another baby so I am enjoying it while it lasts!)
So, in a few words – I love being a mom!
And because every celebration needs some spoiling, my Mothers Day wish list:

Floral bouquet – Woolworths || Tasty macaroons – Daniela’s

Red Hunter wellies – Hunter || Pink heart pot – Le Creuset

Mom iPhone Cover – One Artsy Momma || Brown Leather Bag – Belo

Perfume – Michael Kors || Lipgloss – Clarins

Organiser – Macaroon || Gym Gear – Lorna Jane

Are you a mom?
What would like this Mother’s Day?

The best present I could ask for and receive this Mother’s Day is special, quality time spent with my little angel child.
I am one blessed mama


  1. I would love Hunter's boots!
    Love the bag and one day I would love to fit into and own Lorna Jane.

    This may be my last Mother's Day as a childless women…..

  2. Like the post above, this may be my last mother's day without a baby….we will see!!!! Hope you get all kinds of fun things.

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