Happy Birthday

29 May 2013|

Happy birthday to me dear friend Nicki.
aka Dear.
We wish you the happiest day filled with love, laughter, lots of cake and pressies, and a lifetime of special memories. Thank you for being one of the bestest friends to me, a close friend and colleague to MC and the sweetest dear to our little SJ. 
We share so many special memories…
 – swimming training at the local pool
 – extra Maths and biology lessons in Matric
 – lifts to Varsity in my little Chico
 – store, golf and expo promotions
 – nights out at Tiger, Joes and Casablanca
 – keeping each other up
 – boys, drama and tears
 – birthdays and getting old
 – me getting married and having a baba
 – travels and weekends away
The list and special memories are endless. I treasure the friendship we share and the bond you have with our whole family.
We love you lots dear x

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