6 May

06 May 2013|

If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?

If I had to be brutally honest, I could day:
I am unemployed.
I am not studying.
And I sit at home all day.

But this would be a very negative portrayal of myself, and to not a very honest description of what I do.
The truth is, this is what I do…

I am a full time mom:
I make meals.
I make snacks.
I make bottles.
I change nappies.
I change clothes.
I play games.
I sing songs.
I dance around the house.
I instill discipline.
I chase a speedy crawler.
I kiss and I cuddle.
I go to moms and babes classes.
I go to swimming lessons.
I go to kids parties.
I go to play dates.
I worry.
I wipe tears away.
I giggle and laugh uncontrollably.
I smile.
I feel loved.

I am a full time housewife:
I shop for groceries.
I pay bills.
I cook meals.
I bake.
I organise house maintenance.
I file documents.
I delegate housekeeping and cleaning.
I switch lights on and off.
I open and close curtains and windows.
I prepare and organise.
I serve.
I host.
I am proud.
I am grateful.
I love.

I am a project manager (on our new house):
I attend site meetings.
I approve plans.
I change plans.
I choose.
I decide.
I ask.
I choose fabrics.
I look at decor.
I find furniture.
I compare colours.
I question quotes.
I curse the rain.
I hurry up schedules.
I plan layouts.
I should wear a hard hat.
I climb scaffolding.
I make calls and send emails.
I day dream.
I get excited.
I wish time away.
I am grateful.
I am and do so much more. We all do.
Our job or career is just one ball that we are juggling in life. 
I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a friend, I am a god mother, I am a teacher, I am a blogger, I am an employer, I am a client, I am a neighbour, I am an organiser.
I am me.

What do you do?
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