5 May

05 May 2013|

Publicly profess your love and
devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you
love them? If you don’t have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or
even a family member…

This is a tricky one because I can’t
choose one, I have so many favourites – so a quick line about each one!

Roxy – she is one of my real life
besties. She stood by my side when I said I do and I stood at her side too. She
is the other mother to our little SJ, and her hubs CL is one of my hubs besties
too. She is a friend that has become family.

Shan – she is also a real life
bestie. We haven’t been friends for long but have made up for lost time. Her
little man is our gorgeous god-child and I admire her courage and
determination. She hasn’t had it easy this past year but she puts her whole
heart into everything she does – she is currently a full time mama, student and
new business owner.

Nadia – this local lass went to school with me but we have become better friends since blogging. She made it all happen for me – she gave me lessons and did my blog design. So without her, little Ellie Love would not exist! 

Jenna – this lovely lady was one of
the first bloggers that I got to know and have recently met. She is super sweet
and a real go-getter. She is a talented pupil and has followed her heart to our
beautiful country and her local fiance.

Sarah – this beautiful mama has time
for everyone. She is a special mama to Tuck, doting wife to JB, in demand
wedding planner and stylist and one of the most popular blogs around. Yet, she
makes time to reply and engage with everyone – her name in my inbox lights up
my day!

Nicole – this gorgeous gal is one of
my blogger besties who keeps my travel bug at bay with her gorgeous photographs
and blog updates. An American girl living in Spain, teaching little kiddies how
to speak English and missing home. I wish she would come to SA!

Kym – another blogger bestie who
keeps me in fits of giggles. This lovely lady is one of those girls who I have
never met but I know we would be friends anyway. Wish she lived closer so we
could catch up. Her hockey play hubs has kept her busy and moving for a while
now and her pup is just my favourite…

Katie & Steph – I didn’t feel
right separating them. They are two peas in a pod who became besties through
the blogging world – gives us all hope! They are two of the sweetest and
kindest ladies who have fun, no matter what! They love life and live it to the

Jenni – you wouldn’t be reading this
post without her. A beautiful lady, with the shiniest hair and most striking
eyes. She is a talented photographer who inspires and encourages me as a new
blogger. She is sweet and kind and always makes time for me. 
I have so many other special ladies on my mind but I know I can’t go on forever…
Who are your favorites? Link up with Jenni


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