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03 May 2013|

Things that make you

Wow, this took some serious thinking. 
And I had to ask myself the questions: Is it because i don’t often feel uncomfortable? Have I never been exposed to uncomfortable situations? Does this make me secure or insecure?
Quite thought provoking…
I am really not a fan of these small and far too intimate spaces. I don’t like the fact that it can stop and make me feel claustrophobic at any given time but the awkwardness of it all is the worst part. I don’t like people being in my own personal bubble and space. I don’t like the silence or the way I can hear everything that the other people are saying. I don’t like the smells and sounds of the other people. I just don’t like them.
Handing in a resignation:
A friend of mine resigned from her job last week and we all agreed that it is an uncomfortable process to go through. I am a people pleaser so handing in my resignation is the only way of saying: “I don’t want to work here anymore” and this is never nice, no matter the reason.
Asking for an increase:
I hate asking people for money (except my hubs, that comes pretty easily). I find it very uncomfortable trying to sell myself and best qualities in exchange for more money. 
This is one of my most uncomfortable situations. I don’t like the word NO in any given situation – be it asking for a raise, asking for help, asking to meet up, asking for a kiss, asking for forgiveness. I really don’t feel good or comfortable when rejected.
Public arguments:
There is nothing more awkies (yes, I just said that!) than a couple arguing when in your company. Where do you look? What do you say? How do you react? Just hope they don’t drag you into it. i truly believe there is a time and place for everything and public arguments are not on!
What makes you feel uncomfortable?
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  1. besides elevators, the rest is sooo like me!
    I am going to try join in, love the other days of May posts too (internet being weird so couldn't comment on them 🙁 but love the you in 250 words)

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