27 May

27 May 2013|

A letter to your readers…

Dear Ellie Love Readers,

Thank you is where I am going to start. Thank you for deciding to read my rants and raves in my little blogging space. Thank you for deciding to click the follow button and keep coming back for more… Thank you for your sweet comments and always being so encouraging and kind. Thank you for engaging with me and becoming new friends. 

So many don’t understand this online world, and I don’t blame them. Looking from the outside, it is difficult to understand how and why you can engage and become friends with a complete stranger. But I get it – I always have… From MySpace to Bebo to Facebook to Twitter and the wonderful Blogosphere. I am fascinated with other countries and cultures and different ways of life – it is also fascinating how very similar, first-world, English speaking countries can brood so many different cultures and people. 

As much as I wake up each day and want to share with my readers, I blog for myself. I have always been a creative person (more in the English and drama field than in Art!) and I have always loved the English language and pouring myself onto a page. I was always a diary or journal keeper (remember the diaries with locks, did we ever think our parents couldn’t get into those?!) This little space is my very own creative outlet – I can write and post whatever I like and it’s a great release for me. It makes me feel good, it clears my head, lets me vent and allows me to just be me, for me. 

Most of my readers have their own blogs, and I thank you for these amazing daily reads. I find great comfort and inspiration about reading other blogs. I love that I can follow on your journey from a budding relationship to an exciting engagement, the magical day of a wedding and the nerve wracking but exciting path to parenthood, from new jobs and new houses, to moving countries and states, enviable holidays, family and domestic issues, joy and heartache. The wonderful world of blogging has it all, and the special friends you make and the support structure that builds – it is so incredible and I love it.

I am also so proud of myself for blogging every day in May. Well done me.

Love Caley x

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  1. aaah!
    Loving today's challenge as it's a day where I need to read all these lovely words. I am going around pretending each blogger wrote their letter to me…personally. Ha Ha!
    Thank you for having such a lovely blog that we as readers want to keep reading

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