22 May

22 May 2013|

Rant about something.
Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current
event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or
boss does that really ticks you off)…

I am a woman. Therefore, I sure know
how to rant and bitch and moan about something or someone. Since meeting my
Mr-Nice-Guy Husband, i have learnt how to stay calm and see the good in most
people or not let it bother me and forget about them. But this post gives me
good reason to have a quick rant. A rant about a certain group of people that
have been irritating me of late, because I have noticed more and more of
Attention-seeking chicks.
Disrespectful chicks.
Chicks is a horrible word – sweet
for little yellow, fluffy, baby chickens but mot to describe a woman. But this
is the nicest adjective I can find to describe these irritating women. We all
know the kind…
Arrogant and proud, and love the
sight of their own reflection in the mirror.
Is normally quite attractive on the
Confident and opinionated, and very
much in your face.
Manipulating but very easily plays
One of the boys. Or trying to be.
Doesn’t have very many girl friends
but has plenty of boy friends.
Complete disrespect and dosregard
for a marriage, relationship or union of any kind.
Complete bitch but acts sickly
Usually dressed in very little (as
this enhances the reflection in the mirror).
No morals or values.
Definitely not a faithful follower
but may still be found in a church.
Almost always a member of the gym as
this is fertile ground.
Loves and cannot resist a selfie.
Haha, I sound like a super jealous
green monster. I am not.
I just know right from wrong. I know
good from bad, I know to respect people and relationships. I have morals and
And my sweet Father has taught me
all these things. He may encourage me to love my neighbour but I am sure he
will agree that I don’t have to like these people, and I certainly don’t have
to have time for them or entertain their behaviour.
Lucky for me, I have a husband who
has the same morals and values as me, and doesn’t have an interest for girl
friends (except mutual friends), therefore limiting his involvement with the
above type – although a few of these “chicks” have crossed his naive and
friendly path on the odd occasion.
I am also a loyal friend and I will
stand by any friend who has had the displeasure of either befriended one of
these chicks and been let down, disappointed or hurt by them or been caught in
a tangle of betrayal due to one of these chicks targeting their ‘other halves’.
For any chick reading this, I reach
out to you in the nicest possible way… If you have noticed any qualities or
traits that you may have that constitutes being a “chick”, change. Change for
everyone. But most of all, change for yourself. Because ultimately you are the
one person that this will affect the most. You are going to end up sad and
lonely with no partner or friends because no one will be able to trust you. And
trust is a tie that keeps all marriages, relationships and friendships
You don’t want to be THAT CHICK.
Ok. Rant over.
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