16 May

16 May 2013|

Something difficult about your “lot in life” and how you’re working to overcome it…

Find a balance in life.

And the irony of it all is that I don’t even have a full-time job. Although, I am convinced that if I did, I wouldn’t be so busy, because I would have an excuse to say no without hurting people. 

Today is a perfect example…
I was up most of the night with a coughing baby.
I called the doctor first thing for an email prescription.
I had breakfast with SJ.
I cancelled a morning beach walk with friends.
I walked her around the house (we have to practice walking!)
I changed her into her outfit for the day.
I showered and got dressed.
I called my hubs who is away on business.
(This was all before 8am)

I called our old lawyer.
I made two family payments.
I photocopied documents.
I checked and followed up on old payments.
I followed up on the prescription.
I emailed our new house owners.
I emailed our travel agent.
I compared flight prices and schedules.

I went to a site meeting.
I listened to programmes and minutes.
I surveyed the site.
I confirmed meeting times.
I questioned budgets.
I visited 5 houses to view flooring.
I heard funny stories.
I compared local schools.
I discussed and cursed the weather.
I called and checked on SJ.
I got excited!

I collected a friend.
I delivered a handbag.
I bought packing supplies.
I squashed these and said friend into my car.
I drove to local mall.
I ordered a drink.
I chatted to friends.
I cuddled a precious little boy.
I ordered and ate lunch.
I checked my husband was on his flight.
I confirmed a gym time with a friend.
I chatted to my stepdad.
I confirmed meeting times for tomorrow.
I paid for parking.
I dropped friend off.

I went to the chemist to collect medication.
I unpacked full car.
I changed for gym.
I rushed to gym.
I was reunited with my hubs.
I chatted to a new mommy friend.
I warmed up.
I did a mean workout.
And 8 hill sprints.
I witnessed a beautiful sunset.
I posted it on Instagram.
I drove in traffic.
I collected SJ from granny’s house.
I laughed with granny.

I drove home.
I made SJ’s dinner.
I fed her dinner.
I made her bottle.
I laughed my hubs.
I showered and got into pjs.
I read SJ a story.
We said our prayers.
I put her to bed.
I served and ate dinner.
I read a few blogs.
I blogged.

And my night isn’t over…
Are you tired yet? Because I am exhausted.

I am a people pleaser and I struggle saying no.
This leaves me with endless tasks, dates and things to do each day. I also do things for myself and my family. 
I am trying to be better. I am prioritising.

I am trying to balance life.
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  1. Sjoe! very busy day. Yes, we do need to find the balance between the various roles we take on and tasks we have to complete.
    Good luck and hope SJ feels better

  2. Good gracious, you are busy woman! I'm impressed, not only that you did all that stuff, but that you could even remember it all to write down! 🙂

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