13 May

13 May 2013|

Issue a public apology.
This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be…

So today I am supposed to say sorry.
But I’m not sorry.
And this is what I am sorry for not being sorry for:

scheduling every single one of my May posts
not taking great photographs
never waking up before 7am
not being a morning person
being anal about spelling and grammar
but not using capital letters now
hating being pregnant
not being ready for a second child
not losing all my pregnancy weight
gaining so much pregnancy weight
hating the cold
using self tan in the cold
almost always wearing some make up
having red broken capillaries that I have to cover up
filling up my car when the light comes on and it’s empty
charging my phone and laptop when they are on 1%
not enjoying reality tv
sending messages rather than calling
having a bikini obsession
also having a pyjama obsession
not having a bag or shoe obsession
loving diamonds
that one of my love languages is gifts
and finally…
not saying sorry for all these things
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  1. I love this post.
    It's totally fine to schedule the posts in May. I think it's important to participate as much as you can, when you can.
    I also prefer to send messages so I can relate

  2. I agree, I love this a lot. And I think you're right, there's something great about sorry I'm not sorry. Another blogger this past month used the word embrace, which I really liked. And I'm with you – there are so many things in life I'm learning to embrace and just say sorry I'm not sorry. Great post.

  3. i have a pj obsession too!!! well actually a obsession with weird, striped, spandex or anything that most people would never wear to sleep in obsession haha.

    ps. when you see grammar / spelling mistake in my posts you may 100% tell me. i have the worst editor ever and have some sort of blind eye to my own writing when i re-read it, but of course notice other people grammar and spelling mistakes.

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