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10 May 2013|

Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill…
I haven’t had any REALLY embarrassing moments in life – somehow they have all just been REALLY funny moments, so I’m going to make you laugh rather than make you feel awkward…
Moment 1
At our wedding, I chose to dance with my father-in-law for the father/daughter dance. After swaying around with my husband, I grabbed the arm of my new dad and he started spinning me around. My FIL is a great musician and a good dancer too, he had my swinging and swaying, moving and grooving to “I’ve got the world on a string” by Michael Buble. We were singing and laughing and dancing, all our guests had surrounding us on the dance floor and at the end, dad goes in for the dip… And lets me go, back first on to the dancefloor in all my bridal glory. As if that isn’t bad enough, he topples down on to me too! My dashing knight of a groom came to my rescue and with no injuries, we all killed ourselves laughing! Unfortunately, it wasn’t caught by our photographer but it sure is in our video.
(I’ll let you listen to the song as you imagining my fall)
Moment 2
A few weeks ago, MC and I ventured into the Natal Midlands for a romantic weekend away. After a wonderful weekend, we stopped at a local restaurant La Lampara for lunch, before driving home. La Lampara is a beautiful Italian restaurant set on one of the rolling hills with a spectacular view and delicious view. One of it’s other well-known quirks is an African lady with a strong accent who reads the menu to each table (it is on a board on the wall, but in Italian!) This sweet lady has a strange accent but is also very animated and vocal about each dish – and to many, she is a great source of entertainment. However, on this particular occasion, she caught us in a fit of giggles and we could not keep our cool… We laughed our way through starters, mains and dessert, and with every other table in the restaurant laughing hysterically at us. The most embarrassing part is she kept asking if we were okay and we couldn’t answer her through the laughter! 
What is your most embarassing moment?
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