Throwback Thursday: Matric Class Photo

25 April 2013|

After being super busy these past weeks and slacking a bit with blogging and catching up on my favourite reads, I haven’t been able to link up with these three fabulous ladies: AdyJennifer and Julia.

My blast from the past this week is:
Matric Class Photo: 2003

In South Africa, Matric is your final year of school, 12th grade. 
And of course, every year we all stood side by side looking as smart as we could in our canary yellow school uniforms and smiled sweetly for the camera to pose for our annual school class photo.

This photo brings back many memories from that year… 
This was the year I finished school, turned 18, got my drivers license and first car, was a prefect and sports captain, wrote my final year of exams and passed my 12 years of schooling. 
The end of this year was the end of an era for me.
My transition from girl to woman.

And there I am in this disgustingly-coloured uniform, super skinny with mousy, dead-straight hair thinking I was too cool for school. 
(Bottom right leaning over the front row – for those that couldn’t find me!)

See you next week for more on the good old days.


  1. oh my goodness- your uniforms!! we never had to wear uniforms through my schooling, but if we did then i would hope they would have looked like these 😉 haha

  2. What a fun picture! I had a uniform in high school, too, and I'll admit that it was kind of nice not to have to think about what to wear in the morning…but it sure was cold in my kilt during the winter. Haha!

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