SO WHAT! Wednesday

10 April 2013|

This week I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I haven’t joined this link up for months.
  • I am exhausted after working a 2 day week.
  • I think it’s a full time job planning a birthday party.
  • I haven’t been to gym or done any exercise in 3 weeks!!
  • Wedding Wednesday has disappeared… for now!
  • I had a severe hangover on Sunday after a big night out on Saturday. haven’t done that in a while!
  • I am shocked at the  bad attitude and poor teaching ethic of some teachers.
  • I feel old because my little SJ is going to be ONE this weekend!!
  • I still haven’t reached my pre-pregnancy weight.
  • I am seriously disappointed in our South African crime rate and justice system but I refuse to emigrate. There is no place like home…
  • Some folks are seriously irritating and frustrating me this week – but I am biting my tongue and keeping my mouth shut!
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  1. Cals, I am with you! "So what if…..I feel a bit deflated & demotivated this week……I do still have friends like you who make me smile and feel human!" Lots of love you sweet lady xxx

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