SJ – 12 months

22 April 2013|

Month 12:

Weight: 9,8kgs

Height: 76cm

Clothing size: We have now moved into 12-18 month or 1 year clothing.

Diaper size: Size 4

Feeding: We have moved on to pure solids – she no eats everything that we eat! 7am – egg, toast, oats and yoghurt. 10am – bottle and toast. 12.20pm – any lunch that we eat (protein, starch and veg). 3pm – bottle and fruit. 6pm – any dinner that we eat and yoghurt or fruit for dessert and a bottle.

Sleep: Still a little angel sleeper – two sleeps during the day from 9-11am and 2-5pm. And then a solid 12 hours from 7pm – 7am at night.

Milestones: She is standing alone and pulling herself up on to everything. She walks when holding someones hand but no walking alone just yet. She has quite a good vocabulary saying: mama, dada, baba, nana, hi, bye, there, ta. Her latest two words are: duck and amen.

Loves: Swimming lessons, being tickled, crawling on the floor with daddy and chasing him around the house, being outside and watching people, her food, and lately a few cuddles (huge improvement from a usually non-affectionate child).

Dislikes: Cold water, sand, grass or anything messy – tactile intolerant.

Adventures: We went on our first trip to Cape Town for the Easter weekend. You loved being outdoors and seeing new people and surroundings. You also got to spend some quality time with your Aunty Kez and snuggle up in warmer clothes (never needed in Durban).

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Your smile and laugh. You really are a delightful little girl. You have a smile on your face from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the second you close them to go to sleep at night. We really have been blessed with a happy baba. Nothing is too much trouble for you – from new places and faces, extreme heat or cold, lack of sleep or late feeds, to teething or being sick. Thank you my angel for the way your smile lights up our lives. 

What an incredible 12 months it has been…

*Monthly pictures taken by the beautiful and talented, Bron Fourie from Vanilla Photography

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