Perfect Date Night

23 April 2013|

MC and I started a tradition when we got married to have weekly date nights.

We choose a night each week that is available and we set a date.
Our dates range from movies, dinners, bowling, games arcades, walks on the beach and anythign esle that interests us…

Last week we decided to do something very different –
have a takeaway dinner and champagne on our building site!
BEST date night ever!!

Our picnic basket and champers

Popping the champers overlooking our view


Sun setting behind us…

View from the front

View from the back

There is no better feeling than sitting on your concrete “bedroom floor” looking out at the sea view, feeling the soft breeze, watching the sunset behind us and saying cheers to our new space.
So romantic and so exciting for this next chapter of our lives.

What is your favourite date night?


  1. Oh this is just amazing Caley! This date night sounds all too perfect 🙂 I love that the two of you still have date nights once a week after parent-hood. I definitely plan to do the same thing!

  2. love this! my parents used to do marriage counseling at our church and weekly date nights was always one of there very first tips! ya'll are too cute!

  3. This is so lovely! I think a weekly date night sounds perfect, and getting to see yourself in your own future home much have been SO exciting! xx

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