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05 April 2013|

Dear Sweet Jesus… Thank you for sweet faithful bloggers. Special ladies that follow you with their whole lives and beings. You are deep in their hearts and you are using them in so many special ways… They are a true inspiration to me in my faith and in my love for you. Thank you Jesus, thank you NicoleSarahAmber and Valerie.

Dear MC… I have missed you so much this week my hubs. This constant business travelling is no fun for either of us, but I thank you for all your hard work and effort that you put into your business and the benefits that SJ and I get back from it. I cannot wait to hug you and squeeze you.

Dear SJ… What a week baby girl – and you are almost ONE!! Where has this past year gone to? It feels like just the other day I had a growing belly… Thank you for your smiles and cuddles this week, and your new favourite words – mama and dada!!! The Lord has blessed us with your precious life, and I hope we can thank him by being good parents.

Dear Sunday (or Tuesday)… Please hurry up so I can see my hubs!

Dear Kez… It is so good to have you home sweet sister-in-law. We missed you terribly and we wish London wasn’t so far away. Thank you for the love and interest you show our SJ, and for our special chats and gossip sessions. We love you lots!

Dear Rox & Chad… We love you both so much. You truly are a special couple who are an inspiration to all us married folk. You are always in our thoughts and prayers and our Lord is watching over you both and He has a plan for you.  Thank you for being the bestest friends to us and “second parents” to our little SJ – she loves and adores you both.

Dear Ashley Yay for a sweet little prince! This is such an exciting time of your lives, and your little man is going to bring you eternal joy and happiness (and a few grey hairs!) I am so excited for you. 

Dear MIL… You are a remarkable woman. I am eternally grateful for the bond we share as “mother and daughter”. I notice more and more each day that I met MC for many reasons, and one of them was to meet you and welcome you into my life as a mom. Thank you for your unconditional love, care and support and thank you for being a wonderful Nana to SJ. There is nothing too big or too difficult that you wouldn’t do for us… I love you lots.

Dear Sweet Jo My Hairdresser… I have never been more excited to see you. This regrowth of mine is horrendous!! Please help!!

Happy Weekend Everybody
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