Friday Letters…

26 April 2013|

Dear God… Thank for the life that You have given to me. Thank you.

Dear MC… It’s been a long week for both of us and I look forward to the next few days break with you. It’s going to be good fun and I promise to kiss you A LOT!

Dear SJ… It’s going to be a long 5 days without you precious girl. We know you are going to have so much fun with Nana and Grandpa and I hope your 4 new teeth come out and stop bothering you. 

Dear GL… Happy 1st birthday precious child. We hope you have a magical day and party tomorrow. You are just one of the sweetest little princesses that we know!

Dear Mozambique… One more sleep until we visit you again! I am so excited!

Dear Tropical Cyclone… Please stay away, you are not welcome.

Dear Social Media… I am looking forward to a good detox and break from you. 

Happy weekend everyone, and don’t forget to link up with the sweet preggy mama, Ashley.

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