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04 March 2013|

 1. Oyster Box High Tea – delicious!
2. Our amazing moms group
3. Cuddles with little Michael John
4. Spelling in a classroom?! Not my first choice of school

 5. Birthday wishes for my bestie Melissa Jayne
6. Extra HOT instead of extra SAUCE… Ouch!
7. First Sharks rugby home game, and a win too!
8. Missing this gorgeous man

 9. Daddy and daughter chasing each other each morning
10. Much needed strawberry daiquiri on a Friday afternoon
11. Market treat
12. Welcome March

13. My big girl now has a sippy cup
14. Tired baba after a fun day out
15. Fast asleep with her leg up… too cute!
16. Girls night in

Happy Monday!


  1. Glad the Sharks won the Stormers! Great start to the season 🙂 And look at little miss Sophie with her sippy cup, she's growing up so fast!


  2. LOVE your pictures!! And your Sophie… oh she's ADORABLE! I need to find you on insta (except I don't know how to search for people. Don't ask my why I even try with these social media apps… ha ha!) it's so fun to follow my mommy-blog-friend lives!!

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