Wedding Wednesday: The Rings

06 March 2013|

What does Wednesday mean to you?
Today it means: MC gets home tomorrow, a day to get the horrible flu and Wedding Wednesday with Joelle from Something Charming.

Wedding Wednesday: The Rings

While MC and I were dating, I would often page through magazines or brochures and mention if I found a ring I liked (or any jewelry for this matter). He would always be quite observant and interested and he always seemed to take notice in my comments and taste in rings. The only problem is that I liked so many different rings that when it came to deciding to propose, poor MC had absolutely no idea on which ring I would prefer!

As a wife, I can happily say he made the best decision ever to propose with a temporary but very special ring and then let me choose my own ring after our engagement…

He proposed with a stack of three black twig rings:
We searched for weeks and weeks for the right ring. We walked from jeweler to jeweler, shocked at the extreme prices and amazed at the beauty of each diamond. I eventually found “the one” – the ring that I absolutely fell in love with was made by Shimansky but at a ridiculously high price. We decided we would have the same ring made by a private jeweler for a cheaper price.

Source – with matching engagement bands

MC then surprised me again with a very special 1ct diamond that he had received from his paternal grandmother. It had been set in her wedding ring that she had left to my mom-in-law and to MC. We sent this to the jeweler and had it set on to my dream Shimansky setting.

Photography – Heather Fitchet
I decided almost immediately that I also wanted the matching Circle of Love engagement bands on either side of my ring. 

MC had worn a few rings in the past and they were all thick, chunky, masculine rings. He wanted the exact same for his wedding ring. We also had his made up and it was a thick, solid Platinum band. 
(Unfortunately, he kept his wedding band in his car when he went surfing and his car was stolen, along with the wedding band – only a year after our wedding. He now wears the same band in Titanium)

Photography – Heather Fitchet


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