18 March 2013|

Mondays… Bleh! Not this Monday!
I normally get the Monday blues – no more weekends, no more relaxation, no more husband cuddle time, no more socializing with friends for 5 whole days… Enough to make anyone sad!

But not this week… This week I get all of the above – extra weekend, relaxation, bonding with one of my besties and then quality time with my MC. 

Today, we are heading off to this beautiful retreat in our KZN Midlands

The luxury rooms 
Indoor heated pool area to relax and aquarobics
The lush gardens
Relaxation deck
Healthy prepared food for a detox
Treatments include massage, facials and all skin and body wraps, rubs and peels
Pilates, yoga and a fully equipped gym

I am looking forward to a relaxing week and a good detox.
Have an awesome week


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