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01 March 2013|

Dear Lord Jesus… You truly work in miraculous ways. Thank you for the life that you give to us and guide us to lead. Look up and trust.

Dear MC… Why has this day come so quickly? We hate that you have to go away this week and we are going to miss you terribly. Stay safe my love. (P.S. Well done on acing the Q&A yesterday, I am proud!)

Dear SJ… Oh precious child, this mama is slightly obsessed at the moment. I absolutely just love this age – it is just too cute. Thank you for the joy and happiness you bring into our lives, you are a true blessing. 

Dear Lauren & Tyler… You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t imagine the sorrow and sadness you must be feeling but I can believe the extreme joy and love little Viola is providing. 

Dear Durban community… You are truly amazing and never cease to amaze. I cannot believe the support that has been given to Jess Nicholson in the past week, it gives me hope. I am so proud to be a Durbanite. 

Dear In-laws… I am slightly jealous of your trip to Palm Springs. Enjoy and savor every moment of being together, the big USA and a relaxing trip and break from reality. We are going to miss you, especially SJ.

Dear Rain… Again, we are not friends. Why do you need to visit and the most inconvenient times. Do you now know that things need to be dry in order for concrete to be poured and left to dry. Please go away!

Dear Sleep… I will always love you.

Happy weekend and beginning of March

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