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15 March 2013|

Dear Lord… I have read some great passages this week. They all put me at such ease and peace. You are incredible and Your plan for each and every one of us is so appreciated and adored. Thank you for this plan, and grant us the strength, understanding and faith to trust You and Your plan.

Dear MC… Wow, it is always so good to have you home! I miss you terribly when you are traveling but I am also so proud of the work you do for us and our family. Thank you for working so hard and providing for us but also loving us unconditionally and always being there for us. You were the BEST Easter Bunny ever – and I know no other dad would agree to do that!

Dear SJ… How is it possible that you were just a little bean growing in my tummy, then a squishy little newborn and now already 11 months old? Where has the time gone? We are so blessed to have you in our lives – you make the sun shine brighter and the world seem problem-less. You have no cares and worries in the world sweet child, I wish your whole life could be this way. 

Dear Friday... Where have you been hiding? What a week!!

Dear Brookdale… Hurry up! I just cannot wait!

Dear New Home... HURRY UP TOO!

Dear Patience… Haha, where are you?

Dear Rox… You are such a special person, an incredible friend and a loyal and supportive wife. I am so proud of all you have achieved and your hard work and determination with everything you put your mind too. I pray for you every day and I love you lots.

Happy Weekend


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