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19 February 2013|

I loved to read when I was younger – I always had my nose in a book.
And going through these old books brought back special memories…

Remember these?

These books were a few of my favorites:

1. The Babysitters Club:
I was in awe of these young girls that got paid to look after kids. They had so much fun and each had their very own personality. Obviously, I always wanted to be a part of this club!

2. Sweet Valley High:
Even wanted a twin sister? Only after reading this series of books. Again, they portrayed an image of fun high school teens. And joys of having a permanent best friend.

3. Goosebumps:
Haha. not your typical teen girl series but still captivating. I couldn’t put these down, even the gory, gruesome stories had me hooked!

4. Nancy Drew:
I love anything drama, detective, and crime solving related. I tried my hardest to always solve the crimes before the end of the book… And I was pretty good too (I do the same when watching CSI!)

5. The Magic Faraway Tree:
This is a lot older than the others but a true classic. I won this as a class prize when I was 8 and I loved every word and page of it. That magical tree took me to faraway places – what an imagination!

What were your favorites?
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