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08 February 2013|

Dear Jesus… Thank you for working in such miraculous ways. Thank you for making us and this beautiful word. Thank you for answering prayers.

Dear MC… We are like ships passing in the night at the moment. How I long for days of just you, me and our bubs. thank you for caring for us and for providing for us. We are so proud of you.
P.S. Almost birthday time!

Dear SJ… Oh sweet child, is it possible to love you any more each day. I love the way your messy hair stands up each morning. I love the way you copy everything that we do. I love the way you observe and with great repetition, you learn so much. I love the way you laugh and giggle and splash at swimming lessons. 

Dear Emma Fay… Welcome to the world sweet baby girl. You are so precious and you arrived at just the right time. Your big sister already adores you and your little kitten cry is adorable!

Dear Emma, Michael, Rocco, Jesse, Sam… You are all such sweet little new humans. I won’t lie though – such precious babies tug at the ovaries. But it’s only because I can cuddle you and give you back! Haha 🙂

Dear Selling-our-House… What a pain in the a## this is already?! And it’s only week ONE!!! I am hoping for an easy and stress-free process. Please hope for me too.

Dear Admin… I officially HATE you! Why does it all just pile up and never end? And as for admin that is visible – you now have to be sorted before we show our house!!

Dear Caley… Yes, that would be me… Stop moaning and have a wonderful weekend!

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