Bangkok – Part 3

06 February 2013| ,

DAY #4

A day of rest. A day to sleep in. Welcomed with open arms. And sleep in we do. My eyes open at 9am and I rise by 10am! Quick breakfast of the buffet leftovers before heading to the beach – you can never get too much sun according to us girls – we are from Durban after all…
We spend our afternoon at the huge Tiger Zoo – 400 tigers, 50 elephants and over 1000 crocodile. We cuddle and bottle feed baby tiger cubs, we very bravely pose for a photo with a huge growling male tiger (who is sadly but fortunately on a chain), we watch a tiger show (a bit like the circus), an elephant show (think elephants playing basketball, tight rope walking and massaging your back!), let an elephant pick us up with its trunk, watch a crocodile show where they snap away at the trainer but don’t bite his head off, pose on the back of a relaxing croc, feed very hungry baby kid goats, pose with a tired and fed up orangutan and spend note after note of cash. What an awesome afternoon! Tigers are my favourite animals – I’ve always wanted a tiger cub as a pet (yes I know they grow up) but I love their soft hair, their big paws and their boisterous nature. But those menacing growls (and super large teeth) have put me off having one in my garden and bed.

Entrance to the Zoo 
Feeding the tiny little tiger cub

Ellie’s playing basketball 
OMG! This male tiger was huge, and scary, and growling… 
This dude was my favorite – so chilled on his swing 
These little “kids” couldn’t get enough of the milk bottle

Haha, nothing like being lifted by the truck of an ellie

I don’t know what we were thinking?! The guide was right there… but still!

No harm in stopping for a full body massage on the way back to the hotel. It sounds extravagant but these ladies work so hard, they have the magic touch and they charge almost nothing!! What a treat!
Loving our foot massage

Quiet night in after a busy 3 days, much needed shower and room service dinner in bed for 2 tired gals. Early start tomorrow to head back to Bangkok for some serious shopping!!
DAYS #5-6
An early start was no joke – it was still pitch black when we woke up… Check out, no breakfast and headed back to Bangkok…
Two days on non-stop working, intense bargaining and serious shopping lay ahead. We walked street after street, market after market, row by row, looking left and right, stopping for nobody or anything. We were here on business and we meant business! All Roxstar Bikinis found, bought, packed and shipped and a few extra personal items along the way and our main purpose for coming to Bangkok was done and dusted.
On our way to the night markets 
All loaded up with bikinis, hundreds of them!

Outside MBK – huge shopping plaza and market

All that was left, was our 2.30am flight from Bangkok to Dubai, 8 hours of flying, 4 hour wait at Dubai airport, another 8 hour flight and FINALLY home to my gorgeous hubs and sweet angel child. What an unbelievable experience and special memories with one of my best friends… but always good to be home!

“Pretending” to sleep…



  1. i can't believe you got to bottle-feed the baby animals! and were you scared hanging from the elephant's trunk, and sitting right next to a ferocious tiger?! what an incredible experience.

  2. No ways! Love the Ellie playing basketball!
    But my favourite is still that gorgeous old ape man! Love him!

    Still can't believe you sat on that croc! #scary

    What an awesome unbelievable amazing trip!

  3. I hate that they keep the tiger on a chain!! But I'm glad you had an amazing time though, my friends who have been to Thailand have all had amazing times! x

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