Wedding Wednesday: How we met…

30 January 2013|

I decided a few weeks ago to start a weekly wedding post (this is not my original idea as there are many in blog land).
I know I am already married but because it is my idea and my post, I can do anything I like…
Some weeks it will be a recap of us and our wedding, some can be wedding inspiration or other cute ideas that I like now – because let’s be honest, as perfect as our days were, there are so many ideas out there that we could all get married once a year for the rest of our lives (I’ve tried convincing MC and he is having none of it!)
If you have similar posts, then please put your link in the comments.
I would love to read them too.
Wedding Wednesday: How we met…
Wow, I really had to sit and think about this one. It has been so long. But at the same time, it feels like just the other day that our fairy tale began.
Back in 2005, I had a boyfriend of 4 years and MC had just ended a long-term relationship in England. (MC is from South Africa but after he school, he moved to the UK to study and then to play cricket. Once he started playing cricket, he used to chase the sun around the world – so UK Summers in England and South African Summers back home in Durban.) It was on one of his trips home, that we were introduced at a local night club.
I was minding my own business on the dance floor of our local Tiger Tiger when a mutual friend called me to show me some guy’s belt. Belt? Yes, you read right. Not completely comprehending what was going on, I came flying off the dance floor and looked straight down at this man’s crotch belt. MC being this said man. Don’t get me wrong, the belt was pretty entertaining – it was one of those big cowboy belts, that had a swinging buckle – pretty impressive! But it is not every day that you look down at someones crotch before looking at their face…
But what made it worse was that MC was standing at an awkward angle and the shape of his jeans was bulging (for lack of a better word!) Please don’t get me wrong, I have NEVER in my life
a) Looked at a guys crotch
b) Noticed the bulge of any guys crotch
c) Commented on the bulge or crotch of any guy
But of course, on this particular evening, I spoke before I had a chance to think it through and out blurted: “Wow, how is that package?”
Package? Did I just say that?
Yes, I did. (Sound a bit like Dirty Dancing’s watermelon scene?)
Cue blushing pink cheeks. And then look up into the most beautiful blue eyes and the sexiest smile I have ever seen.
But, as sweet and laid-back as MC is, he took it all in his stride. He chuckled for a while (also blushing a bright pink color) and casually joked that he was wearing rugby/football socks in his jeans to ensure that impressive bulge (Obviously also a joke!!) What an ice breaker!
But what followed was a cute meet and greet, and a quick chat before going our separate ways. Each embarrassed by our first encounter but also a few butterflies flying around our tummies and a secret grin that we had met in the first place.
There are clearly no photos from this night, because that would just make me a stalker!


  1. haha that is so awkward – but very sweet that you both laugh about it now! the morning after I met Jon (I stayed on the couch in his flat the night after a party) was SO uncomfortable but since we got through that we can get through anything 🙂

  2. Omg! That is so awkward but so cute at the same time! It's so funny cause I was thinking I should write a "How we met" in February come our one year! I met mine while in a 3 year relationship. Our story of how we actually got everything going and dating isn't such a typical love story though. It's unfortunately pretty sad. If you are ever interested here is the link to that dreadful beginning
    "" Anyways all the best and I love reading your posts! Looking forward to more!

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