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28 January 2013|

Sweet Julia from A Blonde Walked Into A Blog has a great new link up…
Take it back Tuesday!

here’s what you do…
-write a post about your past
(share some fond memories of the good ol’ days, funny stories, fashion trends, diary secrets, whatever you want)
-grab the button
-visit julia and her co-hosts ady and jennifer!
-meet new friends!
-oh and make sure you have your bottle glass of wine on hand.
sounds like fun right? all they ask is that you add the button or include a link-back.

This is my first time so I am going to start slow…
TV Shows


Any blasts from the pasts for you too?
1. Dinosaurs
Who could forget this crazy dinosaur family? And the cute little baby dinosaur who used to sit in his high chair whacking the mom over the head? I used to eat the pizza and have the baby dinosaur doll.

2. Full House
Coolest family ever! I always wished I lived in their house, had their cool rooms (and the lips phone!) and could be a part of their family. How the Olsen twins have changed…

3. My Little Pony
This is from a long time ago. But such a cute and innocent show to watch. Such cute and colorful ponies that all had the shiniest hair and pretty images on them. I had a collection of the pony dolls with sweet smelling hair.

4. The Nanny
That voice! Oh my gosh, I cringe just thinking about it! That silly old butler, Miles… Always a good laugh!

5. Felicity
One of the first of my teenage shows – famous life always looked so cool in the city, and her sweet love triangles. I was always Team Ben.

6. Dawsons Creek
These kids really lived the life. Always a drama or scandal. But totally addictive to watch. I was always a Joey and Pacey fan. Dawson was too much of a nerd for me.

Do you remember these?


  1. You are amazing girlfriend!! So glad you decided to join in on the fun 🙂 I absolutely loved all of these shows growing up! I had completely forgotten about Dinosaurs and I don't know how because it was a favorite!

  2. Loved all of these shows! As a matter of fact, I just finished watching all of the felicity's and am currently re-watching Dawsons…love it!

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