Guest Post: The Daily Tay

15 January 2013|

My guess is that right about now, my darling friend Rox and I are lying on a scorching hot beach with cocktails in hand… Jealous? Sorry!
But to make it up to you, I have invited this sweet and hysterically funny lady, Taylor to chat to you.
If you don’t already follow her blog, there is something terribly wrong with you.
This gal is funny hysterical (you want to pee in your pants kind of funny!)

When Caley first asked me to do a guest post since she was 

“sneaking off to Bangkok for a girls trip” my first thought was of course! 
then I thought who in the heck sneaks off to Bangkok? 
Is Caley a member of the
CIA? My “girls trips” usually involve a trip to back to our college town in
Anyway, my name is Taylor and write over at The Daily Tay.
 Original blog name, I know. 
Back when I chose it I told myself it was a
temporary name. Four year later and it hasn’t changed… 
So about this
generically named blog of mine, 
here’s a few things you must know about me
before you decide to stop on by.
I haven’t changed my hairstyle in probabaly
fifteen years. 
I tried a “bob” once. It didn’t work.
I say “You Go Glen Coco” a lot. A lot, a lot. 
And whenever I say the phrase “a lot, a lot” I always imagine Lindsay Lohan
 saying it in a British accent.
I get annoyed when people don’t realize it’s a
lot and not alot.
I miss college and I like to write about the
fact that I miss it.
I watch too much TV for my own good.
Specifically anything on Bravo.
I could drink Bloody Marys for every meal.
Sometimes I do. 
These are good days.
I don’t have a “hubs,” I have a boyfriend. I
call him “bubs.” Jk, I would never.
 I should also mention I like to say jk a

I like to say my favorite movie is Shawshank
 but in reality it’s Zoolander
My BFF is my dog, Harlow.
 We go everywhere
together because I suffer from separation anxiety and I start to 
chew things if
he’s away for too long.
10. My
first blog was actually a star covered Limited Too diary. 
It was pretty
And that’s all I’ve got. Stop by
and say hello sometime!


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