Guest Post: BEAUtiful Mess

17 January 2013|

Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie from BEAUtiful Mess – what to say about this sweet blogger?
This gorgeous lady is from Texas, loves cowboy boots (and has the best collection), her wedding pics are stunning and she is one of my favorite bloggers – and is a newfound pinning DIY’er!
Take it away Steph…

Wanna be a…blogga.
Post writa.
5K pageviews, on my last post, ya.

You didn’t know I was a rapper, didya?
Oh wait…most of you don’t know me at all.

Allow me to introduce mahself…

I’m Stephanie! The face, errrr mess, behind Beautiful Mess.

I’m no fashion blogger and am the furthest thing from Betty Crocker you’ll ever meet. I know nothing about motherhood, am no domesticated diva, and obviously…I’m no professional rapper. I’m just, well, me. I write about any and everything that comes to mind so lets just say I’m an expert on nothing. I’m okay with this. Take my advice for what it’s worth, wouldya?!

That being said…being a blogger for the past 3 years, I’d like to say I’ve learned a few things.

I introduce you to my rendition of “Wanna be a…blog-ga!

1. Take word verification off of your comment form at your earliest convenience. Screw that-take it off ASAP…forget all this “at your convenience” crap because you’re inconveniencing all of your readers! 😉 Though this took me a while to figure out myself (trust me…we’ve all been there), I’m SO glad that warm summer day when I opened my inbox to find a comment from a reader telling me how to take word verification OFF my comments. Look. I’m just gonna be straight up honest here. I barely have enough time to A) write my own blog posts B) read other blog posts and C) actually leave a comment these days so the last thing I want to see when I take time to write a heartfelt comment is some blurred out jibber jabber Google thinks I should know how to comprehend. Do me a favor and follow these simple steps:

Settings…Posts/Comments…Show Word Verification…select NO!

2. Guest post for others! Guest posting on other people’s blogs is a privilege and gets your name/blog out there to people you wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for a little email reaching your inbox saying “Guest post?” (Caley…so subtle. Of course!) Just do it!!

3. Have a blue “Follow” button on your page. I like you! I want to read your stuff! But guess what…I’m not “saving you as a fave” or putting your icon on my desktop or memorizing your URL just so I can read your most recent post. Get a follow button so I can see you pop up in my Google reader and/or blog feed on a daily basis! In addition to this, give your followers other ways to get to know you!! While I’m the last person that will ever have Facebook (yes, I’m serious…), I still believe that Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the best ways, if not THE best ways, to give people the opportunity to get to know you and to grow your blog!

4. Use pictures. And use ’em often! Though we may deem ourselves as “writers” the last thing we want to do is actually read for days on end. I’m an extrovert people. I need to see pictures…of anything! Unless it’s a real serious topic. Then you’re exempt from pictures. Then, and only then will I make an exception. 😉 And just for that, here’s your picture:

You’re welcome.

5. Be yourself. I don’t want to hear how every day of your life is rainbows and butterflies. Be real and be personable. Sure-we all have wonderful times in our lives, and I’m as guilty as the next girl when it comes to writing about “those” times but let’s be honest, not every day is a walk in the park. People want to get to know you. The real YOU. The good, the bad, the ugly. We wanna know about your rainy days, too.

6. If you’re gonna be a blogger, prepare to shop. Online & often. You’ll come across the cutest new boots, the blingiest watches, the most fab home makeovers, the most amazing mascara, top of the line flat irons and then some…make sure your credit cards are prepared.

7. On that note, never…and I mean NEVER, under and circumstance, memorize your credit card number. Take it from someone who’s mastered her new credit card number in a matter of days… it’s just a bad situation for everyone involved with the exception of the stores I’m doing business with. (It’s an even worse situation when your financial planner of a husband finds out your credit card number is engrained into your mind…)

8. Post often. If you only write one blog post per week, chances are you’re going to fall off my radar and everyone else’s, too. Update your blog at least a few times a week to keep fresh content on your blog at all times. 🙂

9. And finally…always blog under the influence of a few glasses of wine. Just take my word for it, mmmmkay?? 😉

10. Come say hi! Meeting new people via the blogging world is, hands down, THE most rewarding part of blogging. Find me over here and drop me a like, k? K!

Beautiful Mess.
Over and out.


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