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04 January 2013|

Dear Lord… Thank you for a blessed year in 2012 and please keep us safe and happy through 2013.

Dear MC… It’s only the 4th and you are already working your butt off. I am so proud of you mister and I could never thank you enough for the way you work so hard and achieve so much for the benefit of our family. Thank you.

Dear SJ… You turn 1 this year! Seriously? That is ridiculous! Thank you for the daily smiles and giggles and cuddles sweet child. You bring so much joy and it was such a blessing spending your first Christmas with you. As for the crawling, it will come in it’s own time (even though we tried so hard this holiday, you were having none of it!)

Dear Holidays… Are you really over? Come and gone? So quickly? Sigh.

Dear Builders… Like I said above, holidays are over. Please come back to work now. And work really hard on our house. 

Dear Victoria… I will never ever take you for granted ever again sweet gogo. You keep our house going. It has been a hectic two days with all this unpacking, washing, sorting, drying, ironing (no, we do not do that around here), dishwashing, sweeping, mopping, taking out rubbish, sterilizing, making beds – and all with an 8 month clinger on my hip! Eish! I can’t wait to see you on Monday.

Dear Running… You and I WILL become friends this year. End of story.

Happy Weekend.


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