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18 January 2013|

Dear Lord Jesus… Thank you for giving me life and loving me.

Dear MC… I miss you gorgeous man. Only 3 more sleeps!!

Dear SJ… I miss your sweet little face and infectious giggle. I hope daddy has pushed you over all week so you don’t crawl whilst mommy is away. I can’t wait to cuddle and squeeze you.

Dear Rox… What an incredible trip! I love you lots my special friend x

Dear Bangkok… Wow! Wow! Wow! What an experience!

Dear Bank Account… I am so sorry. All I can do is apologize and hope that you forgive me. It was all worth it, I promise!

Dear Tan… We are reunited. Please stay a little longer this time?

Dear 15 hour flight home… DEFINITELY the worst part of this trip! Yuk!

Happy Weekend from Bangkok


  1. First Bangkok. Amazing.
    Second, a tan. Holy smokes what is that? It's been so long since it hasn't been freezing that I don't know if my legs remember the sun. Yesterday I realized how pasty white they look and I longed for summer and sun and tan skin. I will get my fix by obsessing over your amazing pictures! 🙂

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