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08 January 2013|

I joined in some fun with Being Brazen’s new post It’s for you…
I’ve answered her questions, and now all you need to do is answer the same questions as a comment…
Can’t wait to hear from you
1. For me, 2012 was the year of… a life change becoming a mom.
2. I spent my New years Eve… with two special couples, our dearest friends. Eating up a strom, drinking a few and dancing the night away in the mountains. One to remember…
3. This year my biggest goals are… to get fitter, go on at least one overseas trip, become closer to the Lord and to start running.
4. Last year I spent too much time… pleasing people, the wrong people and worrying what others think.
5. What have you been reading over your Dec/Jan holiday? Plenty of mags, no time for books with a baba… Back to bookclub this week.
6. If you could only buy one luxury item this year, what would it be? An overseas holiday for hubs and I.
7. I hope 2013 is… magical and happy, exciting and new, fun and loving. One to never forget!
Join in the fun!

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