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21 December 2012|

Dear Lord… Please forgive me for I have sinned. I have neglected you this week. I have let life and it’s hecticness get the better of me. Thank you for loving me despite of all I do wrong.

Dear MC… Is it really break up day for you? Are you really going on holiday today? I cannot believe this day has finally arrived. You have been waiting all year for it. And working so darn hard. I really hope you enjoy the rest my love.

Dear SJ… Only you can move around like you do in your cot. you have provided many laughs for us this week. Our favorite is getting your little fat thighs stuck in the side of your cot as you decided to sleep horizontally. What were you thinking sweet child?

Dear Ness & Mike… We are so excited to spend your special wedding day with you this afternoon and afternoon. I cannot wait to watch you walk down the aisle and become Mrs Clarke.

Dear BP & Juds… CONGRATS again to such a special couple. What a whirlwind of a year it has been for you both. And we couldn’t have asked for anything more than a ring in your finger. Cannot wait for this Pietersen wedding.

Dear Sunshine… Please find your way to the Drakensberg for the next two weeks. Please. Thank you.

Dear Christmas Day… Just 4 more sleeps!!! I am so excited to spend this Christmas together as a family for SJ’s first. Such a special time in our lives and I know sweet memories will be made. And all the presents under our tree cannot wait to be opened.

Happy Friday girls and boys

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