Friday Letters…

10 December 2012|

Friday letters… On Monday!! It is allowed. I said so.

Dear MC… It is so good to have you home. I miss you terribly when you are away, and so does little SJ. We cannot wait to have you all to ourselves this holiday!

Dear SJ… Why are you so darn cute little angel pie?? We are just so besotted with you and we missed you huge amounts this weekend. Nothing better than coming home to your precious smile and being able to tuck you into bed at night.

Dear Cape Town… You are simply stunning. We cannot get enough of your sunshine, your beaches, your sushi and your shops. Our best local holiday destination and you never disappoint.

Dear Stellenbosch Winelands… You are a perfect venue for a wedding – right in the middle of your vineyards on a hot summer’s day. it doesn’t get better than that.

Dear Mr & Mrs Deana… Thank you for a beautiful wedding. We wish you a lifetime of love, joy, happiness and many special kisses and memories.

Dear Tan… I am so glad we have been briefly reunited. Long may this summer romance last.

Dear Gossip and Drama… you may exit my life permanently. I have no time and energy for you.

Dear Marquez… Wow, you sure showed Pacquiao this time. A straight knock out wins it for you. After all the controversy.

Dear Readers… Thank you for following and reading and keeping in touch. This blog is for you (and for me too!)

Happy Monday!


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