01 November 2012|

I loved this post from Hello Miss Chelsea – I just had to do it myself…

I was… on such a good roll with a great new eating program and hectic exercise regime. 

I am… now sick in bed with flu and not able to do any exercise or feel like eating anything. What a setback!

I think… jealousy is the route of all evil. I really wish people would be able to get rid of any green eyed monsters they have lurking within them. If only they realized the pain and hurt it causes.

I wonder… when little SJ is going to get her first tooth. She is chewing and dribbling on everything. Poor little tot!

I wish… that my darling MC knew exactly how much I loved him. We have very different love languages but I try my best to show him. Will just keep trying…

I save… the best few mouthful of food for last – do not steal anything off my plate! You have been warned.

I always… go into SJ’s room at night to wrap her up and kiss her goodnight. Always.

I can’t imagine… life without my special family. I have been so blessed with an amazing husband (who really is one in a million!) and a precious angel child who behaves so well.

I believe… that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it. (why do I not practice what I preach?)

I promise… if you hand me a bag of Woolies Chuckles, there will be none lift. An absolute weakness.

I love… life!

Join in the fun x

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