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09 November 2012|

Dear MC… I love you more and more each day. But this week, even more. Thank you for the beautiful flowers you brought home for me this week, and also for SJ. So cute and thoughtful! I also loved our hairdresser date.

Dear SJ… Seriously, could you get any cuter? I highly doubt it my little poppet. Thank you for all the smiles and laughs this week and for making my heart warm and fuzzy. We won’t tell anyone about Thursday, that’s our little secret!

Dear Scale… We became better friends this week and now I’ve grown to want to spend time with you each day. Long may this friendship last. We will always be friends, as long as your numbers keep dropping.

Dear Baking… I miss you. But unfortunately, I have to choose between you and the scale right now. And with all my support, motivation, discipline and willpower – I have chosen the scale. For now. i promise we will be friends again someday.

Dear Cadbury’s Bubbly… You are the devil in aerated milk chocolate form.

Dear Rain… I have asked you before and I ask you again, please go away. We have a house to build and you are not helping speed up the process. Besides, it’s Summer and you are not supposed to be here.

Dear Allergy… What are you? I would love to know.

Dear Shanny… HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling friend. I can’t wait to spend the day with you and spoiling you rotten! You are a true angel sent from God to bless all our lives, and today we celebrate the precious 27 years you have graced this world with your presence and made it a better place. Can’t wait to celebrate again with you tomorrow (but you could have been kinder with the party theme, you know this mama ain’t so keen to parade around in a bikini!!)


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